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Reclaim our Republic and Restore our Constitution.

Arizona patriots such as yourself will learn how to hold our elected officials accountable.

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Scottsdale, May 6th

Tucson, June 24th

About These Events:

Scottsdale, AZ May 6th

Tucson, AZ June 24th

For too many years, liberty-stealing politicians have robbed our freedoms and our pocketbooks with their own version of what constitutional governance looks like.

The eyes and ears of patriots throughout America have been opened with a renewed desire to make positive change in our country.

This activist training school will do just that!

It will equip you to successfully plan and execute grassroots efforts to achieve the results that we all desire - a country that lives according to our U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

If you feel called to turn your conviction and passion into effective political action in any level of government, please be sure to sign up to attend this one-day intense grassroots Political Activist Training School.

This intense training covers:

  • The Real Nature of Politics -- why action from the grassroots is required to effect change;

  • The Biggest Lie in Politics -- and how the political class uses your convictions against you;

  • How to Work Effectively at the Capitol -- getting a bill sponsor and roll call vote despite the leadership;

  • How to Build a Group -- putting pressure on legislators.

Two Training Event Locations:
Scottsdale, AZ - May 6th
Tucson, AZ June 24th

Cost: $60includes training, and catered lunch.

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